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Our Work

Just a select few examples of work we have previously carried out, we are able to work on a wide range of certified and non certified gliders and powered aircraft from routine maintenance to restoration of major repair. We also are capable of modification and re-finishing work as well as engine repairs and re-building. For more information please do contact  us to see what we can do for you and your aircraft.


Vans RV6 Garmin G5 Installation

We carried out a Garmin G5 Installation on a Vans RV6 to bring the panel up to date. Removing the old instruments and Vaccum system we managed to reduce the aircraft by over 5 Lbs of weight carrying out all installation, testing/calibration including a pitot static test and setup including sign off in house. We also provided a new weight and balance report with our own professional weigh scales.

NAA AT-6D Texan Fabric Repairs & Maintenance

We carried out sub-contract fabric repairs to this NAA T-6 Texan. With our own dedicated fabric workshop & spray booth both able to take on small repair work or full airframe structures we are able to carry out repairs quickly and effectively or even carry out full re-cover work on everything from a glider to a large aircraft.


DHC-1 Chipmunk Transparency Replacement

We have carried out numerous canopy and windscreen replacements on a range of aircraft including many on DHC-1 Chipmunk aircraft. 

We were asked to cut and fit these canopy blisters on both sides of this Chipmunk. We are able to fit 'off the shelf' transparencies or get custom blown/cut canopy or window made to suit many aircraft types. 

Lycoming Engine Repair

We have experience of carrying out everything up to a Shock load or overhaul on various types of engine based on Aaron's background as a Lycoming Engine overhaul engineer.

This stands us in a perfect position to enable us to support your piston engine. An example of this is this DHC-1 Chipmunk tug which sheared a cylinder stud. We got the stud replaced and engine re-assembled and run quickly and efficently.

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