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Aircraft Maintenance

Hangar 25 Aviation's core business is in aircraft maintenance. Maintaining a wide range of piston engine light aircraft the Hangar 25 Aviation certifying staff carry over 30 years combined experience in the care of light aircraft. 

All maintenance is carried out to a fixed price with defects, AD compliance inspection and additional parts charged in addition. All work outside of the fixed price is estimated before commencement.

Many mainstream aircraft are cared for including Cessna & Piper as well as more specialist aircraft.

Services include:

- Routine Maintenance (50 Hour, 100 Hour, Annual etc)

- ARC or Permit renewal.

- Import & export inspections.

- Pre purchase inspections.

- Repair & insurance work.

- AD/SB Compliance inspections and modifications. 

- STC modification.

- Engine servicing & repair 

- Avionics annual inspections (through an independent engineer).

- Structural repair. 

Approvals include:

- UK CAA Part-ML (ICS) Approved engineer - for piston engine aircraft of all airframe construction types on a Certificate of Airworthiness under 2730 KG Maximum takeoff weight. 

- LAA Inspector - All Airframe construction types & Engines. Specific type approval for DeHavilland Chipmunk & Scottish Aviation Bulldog. 

Aircraft Types Maintained

Hangar 25 Aviation are experienced in working on many aircraft types Such as Cessna, Piper, Robin and more under both CAA approvals and LAA inspector Approvals with highly qualified engineers in-house.

Please see the links below to our Aircraft Types maintained for an insight into the aircraft types we are able to look after:

- General Aviation Aircraft (CAA Certificate of Airworthiness)

- LAA Permit to Fly

- Vintage & Historic Aircraft

Specialist Aircraft Types

Hangar 25 Aviation Also specialise in the care and maintenance of a number of more specialist aircraft. With extensive knowledge of the aircraft maintained customers can rest assured the best care of their aircraft is a priority. 

Specialist types Hangar 25 Aviation maintain include:

- De Havilland Aircraft: DHC-1 Chipmunk, DH82A Tiger Moth & More

- Scottish Aviation Bulldog

- Beagle Pup

- Auster Aircraft (Various)

- Extra EA200, EA300, EA330

- Aviat Pitts S-1(C,D,S,T) S-2(A,B,C,S)

- Piper J3/L4

- Luscombe 8

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