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Aero Engine Services

Hangar 25 Aviation carry specialist experience in maintaining and the repair of Aero Engines. 

Based on an extensive background operating a CAA Approved overhaul facility carrying out repair and overhaul of Lycoming 4 & 6 Cylinder piston aero engines. Experienced includes sudden stoppage inspections and magneto servicing and overhaul.

Due to the comprehensive background in the care of aero engines Hangar 25 Aviation are often called upon for troubleshooting of engine defects. This covers a full range of engine and accessory support including ignition and magneto defects.

Engines worked on include:

- Lycoming 4 & 6 Cylinder Engines (O-235, O/IO/AEIO-320/360/540 etc)

- Lycoming Clone Engines (Superior, Titan etc)

- Continental 4 & 6 Cylinder Engines 

- Rotax

- Jabiru 

Ignition systems worked on:

- Slick

- Bendix/TCM

While not currently able to zero time certified aero engines please check back to see developments of this side of the business in the future. See below for vintage aero engine support. 

Vintage Aero Engines

Hangar 25 Aviation not only support in production aero engines but a wide range of vintage and out of production engines. 

With tooling and knowledge to support these engines the Hangar 25 Aviation team are often called upon to carry out routine maintenance as well as repair and rework of these engine types as well as a comprehensive spare parts stock and manual library.

Aero engines worked on include engine types such as:
- DeHavilland Gipsy Major (All variants inc. 10 Mk 2)

- Continental A-65, C-90 etc

- Lycoming O-290

- Lycoming Radial 

- Pratt & Whitney Radial 

- VW aircooled aero engine conversions

Hangar 25 also provide on aircraft servicing for vintage magnetos such as BTH & Bosch types as well as specialist support for these ignition systems via a specialist company. 

Hangar 25 Aviation are also more than happy to provide modification support for those wishing to replace hard to find spark plug types with more accessible ignition systems.

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