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What's going on in the Hangar this spring: an insight into what we do.

Our year has started busier than ever! With a wide variety of jobs carried out to date and many more booked in for 2022 we are looking forward to a year of growth.

The first quarter of 2022 started out well with many annual maintenance & inspections being carried out getting aircraft back to customers with plenty of time for the flying season to really begin.

With on-going repairs to a Vans RV7 horizontal stabiliser including a spar replacement and re-spray nearing completion ready for fitment, a Jodel 1050 in for a modification to a much better up to date fuel selector valve and a Titan mustang in for servicing and general repairs our support of the LAA fleet remains a firm commitment as ever.

We are also providing on-going support to the aircraft fleet of one of the busiest clubs in the country keeping downtime to a minimum often getting aircraft serviceable within a matter of hours.

We are keeping up with our BGA glider support in the form of a full restoration of a Historic Slingsby T45 Swallow (TX1) formerly of the Air Cadets including re-fabric and full repaint to authentic colours right down to accurate stencils and markings. As well as a number of modern GRP gliders in for Annual & ARC renewal.

Looking forward we have a wide range of jobs to do including engine re-builds, maintaining our commitment to customers with a number of annual inspections & maintenance on the likes of tiger moths, DH Chipmunk, Pitts Special and many other GA/Glider types. An aircraft to recover by road for rebuild of the landing gear and shock-load inspection as well aircraft re-finishing work to put our years of experience in professional aircraft engineering into good practice.

While we remain busy as ever we are also looking to grow and still have some capacity left for work to be carried out in 2022.

Contact us today, whether you require repairs, servicing or full restoration. Whatever your needs we have services to suit you and your aircraft.


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