Aircraft Restoration Services 


Aircraft Restoration

We have a wide and varied experience of restoring numerous aircraft types, carrying out both part and full restoration. From a 1940s one of a kind glider to warbirds and aerobatic aircraft or even more modern aircraft we have worked on all kinds of projects big and small. 

We offer a fully bespoke service with attention to detail and historical accuracy being key in all work we carry out.


Whether you wish for a full in house restoration or accumulation of parts and final assembly we can cater for all needs no matter how complex or rare the aircraft. 

s keeping your project safe and secure.

Sub Assemblies & Specialist Work 

Our restoration services not only cater for full aircraft, we also carry out work on sub-assemblies on a vast range of aircraft types on behalf of owners and other restoration companies including globally recognised classic aircraft and warbird restoration organisations.

From all metal airframe assemblies, to wood and fabric work and many other types of work we have services to suit many needs. 

We are also happy to provide bespoke paintwork services whether it be fabric dope application, primer or finished colour schemes.

Contact us with your requirements to see what we can offer for you and your aircraft.

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Rare & One of  a Kind Aircraft Types

Here at Hangar 25 Aviation we pride ourselves on being able to carry out restoration work on aircraft of all shapes, types and sizes no matter how rare. 

We can take care of every stage from carrying out research work to find documents and plans to aid work and source parts from our network of industry specialists.

Examples of our work include:

- Restoration to original configuration of the only remaining and prototype Slingsby T25 Gull IV