Hangar 25 Aviation:
Powered Aircraft Services

Hangar 25 offer a wide range of services for you and your aircraft.

Aircraft Maintenance & Repair

We have extensive experience maintaining a wide variety of aircraft and can accommodate any light aircraft. Our service is supported by experienced in house Licenced Engineers and LAA Inspectors carrying out and certifying all work. 

With our own fabric & composite bays as well as a large professional spray booth we are able to carry out major repair and refurbishment work on all airframe types.

Whether you require 50 hour inspections to annual maintenance, Permit renewal. Minor or major repair work, Modification, avionic/radio installation, component replacement, calibration & weighing or component overhaul we have services to suit all needs.


We also have specific approval and full tooling to repair, maintain and restore the DH Chipmunk & Supermunk aircraft with a growing number maintained by us. 


Aircraft Restoration

We have a wide and varied experience of restoring numerous aircraft types, carrying out both part and full restoration. From a 1940s one of a kind glider to warbirds and aerobatic aircraft or even more modern aircraft we have worked on all kinds of projects big and small. 

We offer a fully bespoke service with attention to detail and historical accuracy being key in all work we carry out.


Whether you wish for a full in house restoration or accumulation of parts and final assembly we can cater for all needs no matter how complex or rare the aircraft. 

Our workshops and hangar are located on a private strip away from the general public and 3rd parties keeping your project safe and secure.


LAA Permit to Fly Aircraft 

Our team comprises of two LAA Approved inspectors both holding approval for all airframe types, engines & specialist approval to look after the DeHavilland Chipmunk series of aircraft.

From basic traditional LAA Inspections to one off repairs or modifications to full in house scheduled aircraft maintenance an permit renewal services for customers who do not wish to maintain their own aircraft we can cater for a wide range of aircraft and engine types whatever your needs may be. 

We also provide avionic and radio installation services as well as repair and refurbishment of metal, fabric and composite airframes for LAA managed aircraft.


Specialist Engine Support

We have an engine specialist on our team with a background in engine overhaul and major repairs to assist with all engine work from general servicing to major repair and full or top end overhaul.

We have worked on many engine types including:
- Rotax (Various)

 - Jabiru

 - VW Conversions

 - Continental Aero Engines 

 - Lycoming & Superior XP Aero engines 

 - DH Gypsy Major

 - Pratt & Whitney R-985 & R-1340

We also offer specialist overhaul services for non certified engines.


Aircraft types we have experience in working with include:

 - Pitts S1 / S2 Special

- DHC-1 Chipmunk

- Auster (Various)

- DH82 Tiger Moth

- Piper J3 / L-4 / PA-18

- Jodel 

- Vans RV Series

- North American Aviation Harvard / T-6 Texan

- A22 Foxbat

- Europa XS

- Cessna (Various)

- Steen Skybolt

- Christen Eagle II

- Denney Kitfox

- Piper (Various)

 - Extra EA-200/300

- Beagle Husky

- Robin 

- Citabria / Super Decathlon

- DHC-1 Supermunk (Lycoming)

- Eurofox

- Yak (Various)

- Aviat Husky 

- Piper Pawnee

- Bucker Jungmann

- Luscombe 8

- Beech model 18

- Slingsby T61/Falke

- Fornier RF 3 / 4

- Long Ez

plus many more!