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LAA Aircraft Avionics & Instrumentation

Hangar 25 Aviation provide a comprehensive Instrument panel refit, individual system and avionics installation service for LAA permit to fly aircraft with in house LAA Inspectors & Aircraft under Part-ML covered by a partner avionics company.


Hangar 25 have installed a wide range of custom instrumentation including traditional instrumentation to EFIS & EMS systems. 

Brands include:

- Trig Avionics (Hangar 25 Aviation are approved dealers for Trig)

- Garmin Aviation (G5 EFIS etc)

- Uavionix AV-30-E

- MGL engine and digital flight instruments

and more. 

Hangar 25 Aviation are happy to assist with modification paperwork submission where required and work with owners to comply fully with UK CAA & LAA regulations.

TY91 and TY92 Controller and hardware.jpg
Trig Avionics 

Hangar 25 Aviation are extremely pleased to be able to offer the complete range of Trig Avionics products. 

Able to supply these premium, innovative and compact avionic systems to our customers and the wider aviation community the team are pleased to offer these systems at brilliant prices. 

Hangar 25 Aviation can offer options for the supply of Trig products, these are:

- Supply only for all aircraft types. We can offer an install service for CofA aircraft under CAA Part-ML through our certified aircraft avionics engineering partner.

- Supply & Install for LAA permit to fly aircraft.



Please visit our Trig store to shop Trig Products or go to our Trig quote form to find out more. P

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