Vintage, Historic & LAA Aircraft Specialist Support


LAA Aircraft Support

Here at Hangar 25 Aviation we proudly support LAA permit-to-fly aircraft with two highly experienced inspectors from a certified engineering background with authority to support:

All fixed wing airframe construction types

All Engines

DeHavilland Chipmunk (Specialist Approval)

Scottish Aviation Bulldog (Specialist Approvals)

We can carry out a full range of services including modification work to support a vast range of aircraft types, please see the following pages for more information:
- Maintenance & Repair 

- Restoration

- Fabric & Paint Services

Vintage & Historic Aircraft

Notably we specialise in working on a full range of former CofA and other vintage/historic aircraft models & their engines such as: SA Bulldog, Luscombe, Cessna 120, Auster, Pitts Special, Jodel, Piper J3/L4, DeHavilland Aircraft (Various) to name just a few as well as classic engines such as Continental A65, DH Gypsy & Pratt & Whitney Piston aero engines.  

We also hold approval, full tooling, manuals & experience to support the DeHavilland DHC-1 Chipmunk & DeHavilland DH82 Tiger moth series of aircraft which we offer specialist maintenance and restoration services for an ever growing number of aircraft. 

The team also have extensive experience maintaining and repairing larger aircraft types such as T-6 Texan/Harvard & Beech Model 18. 


Parts Support 

Here at Hangar 25 we aim to keep downtime to a minimum. 

We hold a large stock commonly required components and materials used on a wide range of permit to fly and historic aircraft types and engines where possible sourced from the original manufacturer and only using high quality aviation certified components.