Glider Services

BGA Glider Maintenance

Here at Hangar 25 Aviation we offer a number of services for gliders and motor gliders as well as tow planes (See powered aircraft services for tug services). We can carry out routine maintenance with two senior BGA inspectors on our team including:

 - Scheduled maintenance inspections (50,100,150 hr)

 - Annual Inspections (Part-21 & Non Part-21 Aircraft)

 - ARC Inspections & Renewal

 - 3000 Hour Inspections 

 - AD, SB, SI Compliance inspections and work

 - Self sustainer/TMG Engine Servicing, repair & Overhaul

We can work on all airframe types wether it be wood & Fabric or Composite construction including metal airframes such as the Pilatus B4 with full manuals and equipment to support the type.

We offer competative fixed price annual inspections & ARC's (excluding additional work, AD's and BGA Fees), please contact us to find out more.

We are also experienced in carrying out radio and avionic installations with extensive experience installing systems on both powered and glider aircraft.


Glider Repair & Refinishing

The Facilities at Hemploe Farm are perfectly suited to repair & refinishing of glider aircraft of all construction types. 

We have 2 senior BGA Inspectors on hand with vast experience of major Composite repair and refinishing enabling us to carry out all levels of repair work in two dedicated composite bays. 

We are also highly experienced in fabric repair and replacement and metal airframe structures enabling us to work on all historic aircraft as well as metal airframes such as the Pilatus B4.

Our large professional spray booth is big enough to fit the largest of aircraft into enabling us to carry out custom finishes to all aircraft. 


Restoration work

Here at Hangar 25 we don't just carry out powered aircraft restoration. We pride ourselves on glider restorations too. 

From rare 1940s gliders to more modern massed produced types we can either finish your glider to complete historical accuracy or to a completely custom finish both inside and out.

With a growing comprehensive stock of Slingsby new original glider parts we pride ourselves on our Slingsby glider restoration work and is a type we specialise in amongst other gliders such as the K8 & ASK13.

We offer a full or part restoration service including fabric work in modern or traditional materials as well as accurate paint scheme finishes. 

Our current projects include:

- Slingsby (T45) Swallow TX1 ex ATC full restoration

- Slingsby T25 Gull 4 Partial restoration/refresh

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Glider Panels & Avionic Work

Here at Hangar 25 we are able to carry out a wide range of work to glider aircraft including panel refreshing, avionic installations, VHF Radio & Transponder fitment and FLARM system installation. 

We can also fully rewire aircraft and even rework vintage aircraft panels with access to serviceable traditional instrumentation.

Contact us with your requirements, 


Self Sustainer units & TMG

As with traditional gliders we are also able to provide full support to many motor gliders including LAA administered Fornier & Slingsby aircraft. 

We offer additional specific services including:

- Engine repair and overhaul

- Engine inspection and servicing

- Magneto removal for Servicing/Overhaul

- Propeller Maintenance & Replacement 

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