Fabric & Paint Services

Figure 8_The rudder covered with heat shrunk Ceconite 102._edited.jpg

Fabric Work

Here at Hangar 25 Aviation we pride ourselves on our fabric recovering work for both glider and powered aircraft. We work with all main covering materials whether it be Ceconite, Poly-Fiber, Diatex or other methods. From a simple component such as a rudder to full aircraft recovering our large fabric workshop and spray booth can accommodate aircraft of all sizes. 

We can strip and fully rebuild your aircraft once complete or collect a stripped airframe and return it to a location of your choice for final assembly. 

We also provide full fabric repair services.



Here at Hangar 25 Aviation are pleased to be able to provide all our customers with a large professional paint spraying facility suitable for all airframe construction types and components. 

Should you want a standard design, fully bespoke finish or historically accurate military or civilian colour scheme we can cater for all needs and aim to provide an accurate, long lasting high quality finish on all work we carry out.

Aircraft can be delivered by air to our 903m runway or transported by road to our facility. 

We use high quality paint products and work with a specialist provider to colour match paintwork should you require refinishing to match existing paintwork. 


Fabric & Paint Repair

Sometimes in aviation things don't quite go to plan. We are able to provide minor or major fabric repair work as well as investigating repairing structural damage to your aircraft.

We are able to work with all fabric covering systems and provide repair and component replacement for all structures whether it be wood, aluminium or steel tubular airframes with a fully approved CAA certified freelance welder on hand.  

Paintwork can be matched, blended and refinished in our professional spray booth facility.