Previous Work


Vans RV-7 Horizontal Stabiliser Spar Replacement

On an annual inspection while carrying out service bulletin inspections we found a cracked spar on a Vans Aircraft RV-7 Horizontal Stabiliser. We implemented the Modification work to find further spar damage and elected to change both forward spars.

From inspection to removal from the aircraft, disassembly, parts preparation, matching to old skins/components to new, prime, colour matching & re-paint, refit and rigging all tasks were carried out in house by our team.

NAA AT-6D Texan Fabric Repair & Servicing

We were subcontracted to complete aileron fabric repairs on a North American Aviation AT-6D Texan.

We completed the work to meet tight deadlines while carrying out all work in accordance with regulations as well as fabric manufacturer instructions. 

Once work was completed on the fabric we assisted with re-assembly, completing the annual inspection & servicing as well as re-fit and rigging of the aileron system. 

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Slingsby T25 Gull IV Glider Restoration work

We carried out restoration work to a