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LAA Permit to Fly Aircraft

Hangar 25 Aviation take great pride in also working on LAA Permit to Fly aircraft, with an in house LAA inspector with experience on a wide range of aircraft as part of the engineering team. A full range of services are on offer including routine maintenance and permit renewals to more specialist one off repairs or restoration.  

Aircraft of all construction types are maintained as well as DHC-1 Chipmunk & Scottish Aviation Bulldog. 

Aircraft types specialised in are former CofA aircraft now on the permit system, vintage aircraft (Also see the vintage and historic aircraft page) and kit built aircraft specifically those with Lycoming and Continental aero engines. 

Types worked on previously include:

- Cessna 120

- Piper J3, PA-18

- Beagle Pup 

- Scottish Aviation Bulldog

- DeHavilland (various) including DHC-1 Chipmunk & DH82A Tiger Moth

- Auster (Various)

- Taylorcraft BC12D

- Pitts S1 & S2

- Vans RV6, 7, 8, 9 & 10

- Europa XS

- Eurofox 

- Emeraude 

- Jodel (Various)

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